Monday, 28 September 2015

Review: Xian Lao Taiwanese style steamboat (Not paid)

This is my 3rd time eating at this place so far so good fresh food and good customer service .

My first time I went $25 weekend price the soup was delicious its very different from chong Qing style steamboat 

Food are fresh as they don't place outside let us pick our own there is sever to serve you... How nice is that service thumb up! 

Ample parking space and it's free somemore wahaha more reasons to visit again lol good excuse right??? 

Second time I bought it from Qoo10 $18.90 plus $3 if weekends , Friday or PH...  REASONABLE...

We went on the General Election 2015 evening time 

We are not charge $3 as maybe this is unexpected PH humm... 

Ordered the usual soup... BTW We always ordered Mala (it's a must ) and a non spicy soup for kids 

Love everything so far if not I will not even consider purchase again going a 3rd time lol saw Qoo10 on sales again $18.90 quickly fast hand fast leg purchased .... But... Heartpain lah 2nd day it drop to $16.90 haha ANW... We are still ok with it...

3rd time there everything went smoothly until humm saw ice cream but it was not offered to all tables ... Ok we are not Giam ben (greedy) must die die get ice cream how old already only think kids might love it if for sales we don't mind paying too... 

So hubby ask the server and this server mentioned it's only for full payment $25... Lol ... We went the first time why no free hahaha... NVM... Over Liao...

This kind uncle say I give ur kids free ice cream once kid each... Wow nice of him to offer my kids ice cream... They are so delighted esp my elder girl who love ice cream so much... 

They had do many flavor yummy... But we choose the classic and yogurt :-) because that is the recommend flavors 

So must recommend this place really unlike the other negative review on qoo10 this place really worth a try...  

**Really not paid Ad arh lol if not I say so much good words ppl thought paid buahaha** 

200 Turf Club Road #03-08/09
The Grandstand 
Singapore 287994
Opening Hours : 11am to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm ( Daily )


Went on the 24 Oct 2015 on Saturday it was the 4th time we went there and the air con system like a bit warm there are a few stand fans around and feeling not enough my kids are sweating away.

Order the second time for the food the food did not come and the server told us they are short of hands and very sorry they will help us the chase for the food but waited 20 mins still not sign

Write the order another time and end up only 2 plates arrive the rest of the items are not and ask the server again and he said very sorry they are really very busy and went to the kitchen and our order was not there very disappointed X3 times and nevermind we write again and by the time it already 8plus waited so long eating not much due to the food not arriving and very hungry and very HOT :-( 

Please get the air con system fixed and the I am sure that the shortage of man power can't help much as nowadays there are not much people enjoy working the F&B but i would like the enjoy my meal in a cooler environment so that i am more happy waiting :-)

My 2 kids sweating we only start eating yes you saw the fan? that fan was place there after we complain HOT and the kind uncle server help us fix a fan but too bad the fan is not strong enough at all to keep us cool please get the AC fixed thanks 

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