Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mommy's Chicken Soup 妈咪的鸡汤

Mommy's Chicken Soup 妈咪的鸡汤

I always had this soup at lease once every week / twice a month depending my mommy schedule

She was a SAHM busy with housework looking after us, cook for us check on our homework having a pot of hot bowl of chicken soup with noodles after homework

I can say my mommy cook the best chicken soup (because is cook my mommy) call 妈妈的味道。。。

After I married I will cook this for my daughter and she will request every time.... when we go marketing she will said "mommy i want drink chicken soup!"


- 1 kampong chicken
- 1 chicken bone (Optional I put to add more sweetness, my mommy opt out this)
- 1 thumb ginger
- a few pcs dried scallops
- 1 can button mushroom
- Rice wine (Optional)
- Salt to taste


1) wash and chop chicken,soak dried scallops in hot water
2) boiled 1 pot water about 2.5 liter water
3) fry ginger and chicken
3) add in dried scallop with scallop water and chicken meat + bone + ginger
4) boil in slow fire for 4 hours
5) add in button mushroom boil for 30 mins
6) Add Rice wine (Optional) and salt to taste
7) Serve hot..

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