Thursday, 10 December 2015

PNKids Multi Vitamins Review + Christmas Pack Giveaway

As a parent , a mother of two kids our main concern are if the kids are eating well or are they getting the nutrients they needed for their growing years?

My two kids are fussy eater , age 4 and age 18 months when comes to food they will select what they like and leave those they dislike on their plates and walk away.

Especially my elder girl she would rather eat plain rice with soup or plain noodles soup if the dishes it not to her liking.

My younger son is not fussy he will finish off the food given to him but sometimes he too will refuse eating and only choose to drink only milk when he is on hunger strike that worries me.

Cooking for them is very challenging I had to think of dishes that both of them will like to eat finish all up and getting them to have a well balanced diet... Mission Impossible!

We had been searching for the complete multi vitamins for our kids and found PN kids from Events , roadshow in JL Expo. The best part of it is they come with gifts for every bottle purchase and they have For boys and For Girls

COMPLETE DAILY NUTRIENTS: 24 Vitamins and Minerals

PN Kids Rank #1 in Kids Multi Vitamins Singapore

In 2014, PNKids is ranked No.1 for the Kids MultiVitamin Brand in Singapore in the Western Pharmacy stores, based on AC Niselen report.

Recommend Dosage for the Gummies:
From ages 2 and up. Take 1-2 gummies per serving. 
Maximum dosage of 4 gummies per day.

My #2 is 18 months therefore the sales recommend me to give half the dose which is 1 gummy.

He loves it lots! Yes!

My #1 she is 4 this year had been taking since she was 1 and she will automatically take the bottle to either daddy or mommy and ask us to give it to her. Best part she knows how many gummy she can take...

Who don't love yummy gummy. 

Gift inside is random.... This is the best part because my kids are into Surprise gift they love surprises that is the IN thing for kids :-) I believe every mommies and daddies notice this trend :-)

This Christmas Season PN kids had this lovely Minecraft as their surprise gift...

For the shape of the gummies It's little colourful bears. Cute Right? Love it lots :-)

PN Kids Multi Vitamins + Minerals:
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No preservatives

PN Kids Multi Vitamins + Minerals is available at Departmental store , Supermarket , Hypermarket and major Durg Store: Guardian, Watsons, John Little, Robinson , Giant and NTUC 


PNKids Singapore is sponsoring 3 PNKids Multivitamins for Boys and 3 PNKids Multivitamins for Girls Christmas Pack Worth S$49.80/Pack to DiongMaMa 6 lucky Readers! 

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