Sunday, 29 May 2016

Singapore Food Fair @ Expo - Feng He Garden

Singapore Food Fair @ Expo - Feng He Garden 

Not Advertorial (I Paid $$ buying these sauce)

Got these sauce at $3.50 each

Salted Egg Paste and Gan Xiang Paste

Had not tried yet will do soon and blog it the recipe out :-)

Went on 29 May 2016 With hubby and two kiddos and was looking around the stall and hubby was chatting with a sales staff in the counter on the Ghee Hiang sesame oil , another sales came up to us and said "I saw you before! You came last year!" Wow she had good memory Kenna caught! Lol!

Thanks for introducing the new sauces two more item for me to try experiment!

See you Guys (Feng He Garden) soon in the next fair!

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