Sunday, 12 April 2015

Homemade crispy seafood tofu 香脆海鲜豆腐

Homemade crispy seafood tofu 香脆海鲜豆腐


- 1 box commercial tofu
- 1 box commercial fish paste (I use bobo brand)
(Can get from wet market from the fish ball and yong tahu stall about 300g)
- 4 pcs prawns
- carrots
- Dried basil can get in herb section in supermarket
- 1 egg
- salt to taste
- corn / tapioca flour for coating
- oil for deep frying


1) Minced Prawns, chopped carrots
2) Minced tofu drain the liquid and add in fish paste
3) Mixed in prawns and chopped carrots
4) Mixed in basil, egg and 1 tbsp corn flour, salt to taste
5) Steam on high heat for 30mins
6) Cooled unmold the tofu cut into desire size
7) coat with corn / tapioca flour and deep fried
8) Served hot

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