Monday, 6 April 2015

Pig throttle (aka pork knuckles) vinegar with sea cucumber

Pig trotters (aka pork knuckles) vinegar with sea cucumber


- 1 Pig trotters
- 1 whole ginger
- 1/4 black vinegar I use 黑狗牌 
- 1 can button mushroom
- 5 sea cucumber 
- seasoning to taste (salt / light soy sauce)

1) Clean and Balanced
Pig trotters , wash and cut sea cucumber |
2) sliced ginger
3) fry the ginger, 
 Pig trotters and pour in vinegar fry till fragments
4) Add in 2 liter water  boil the till 
 Pig trotters soften about 45 mins, covered 15 mins boiled 45 mins and covered or till  Pig trotters soften. 
5) Add in sea cucumber and seasoning boil 15 mins covered and boil again before served, served hot

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