Saturday, 21 March 2015

21 March 2015 - Andy Cole from Man United at Courts Tampines

21 March 2015 happened to pop by at Tampines Courts 

went level 2 there was a huge crowd near the escalator being a typical Singaporean this is call kaypo so I go kaypo see what's happening 

Oh boy is Man united... Not sure which footballer will pop by today we waited , hubby was at the car placing our "loots" in the car lol hubby is a huge fans of ManU 

Jamie announced that was Andy Cole heard of him but never really know who 

Being a mother of two I do not have the luxury of time to watch football which my hubby Like I used to 10 years back.

But still went up and take photos of him haha.... Just for hubby 

Sorry being only 1.6m that's is my limit already haha too short to get a clearer shots of him

Hubby came up moments later and manage to snap a few photos too. 

He is tall so I guess his photos are much better... Will upload later if possible from his hp...

Andy Cole's fans I had tried my best upload as much as possible pardon my photography skills am not professional lol

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