Monday, 23 March 2015

23 March 2015 - Nation weep today for Mr. LKY

Reading the News feeds on Facebook tears flows down.

Watching CNA crying in tears heart is like bleeding.

My 10 months old baby saw me and he looked at the TV and wave said bye bye to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Like he knows that a great man had left us.

It is painful feeling since young we had known him and in my 30 years of life and suddenly a piece of the puzzle is missing in my heart

No words can explain how painful I am right now.

When news came up when he hospitalized I had been following I am praying that he recovered and celebrate with us SG50 during National Day this year.

But now he had left and he is home now

Younger generation will never understand that there is once a great man help build up Singapore to where it is now from a third world to a  first world country

It a pity my kids will never be able met him in person as they are young now only be able read up his news online and on books.

When I saw online where many people said all the negative to Mr Lee I am pissed after reading pissed at the person scolding and insulting him

they had no right and not in any position to insult him...

Reason be... they did not bring SG to where it is now they did not build SG from a 3rd world to 1st world nation a country we belong right now. Who did it who did all the hard work? Mr. LKY did it.... not those people who know only sit there criticized Mr. Lee

The Nation weep and morn right now I believed every Singaporeans feel that they had lost an important person in their life he is like a family to us he is our founding father Mr. LKY RIP

My Deepest Condolences to Mr. Lee's family.

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