Thursday, 21 May 2015

Clear Tom Yam soup


Part A: Spices
2 cloves shallots

1 thumb blue ginger 

2 stalk lemongrass

10 lime leaves

2 small green chilli

10 small red chilli (may add more if u like spicy)

1 big lime and 6 small lime (may add more if u like more sour)

Part B: meat and seafood vegetables to individual liking

I add 

12 slices pork belly slices (bought ready slices giant brand sukiyaki belly)

1 pack enoki mushroom

1 can button mushrooms

8 fresh prawns

1 tube egg toufu 

You may add meat like chicken or seafood like fish slices 


1) Bring 3 liter water to boil add in part A boil in high heat for 30 mins covered for 15 mins

2) boil for another 15 mins add part B ingredients boil for 20 mins or till cooked

3) add in salt / chicken stock for seasoning

4) serve hot 

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