Friday, 22 May 2015

Easy Nasi Biryani


3 1/2 cups basmati rices

100g raisins

1 cup sweet Corn 

You may add in these but I omit them 

1 Carrot

100g cashew nuts

100g crash almond

1 chicken breast meat diced

2 ripe tomatoes 

Seasoning  and color (this is the cheat version for busy Adults whom crave for Brayani but no time to grind the paste to cook the rice) will get the full version one day with spices and try out 

1 pack ikan brand Nasi biryani paste

2 drops yellow food coloring to brighten the rice this is optional

2 tsp chicken stock powder 


Sprinkle some Fried shallots


1) washed and cook rice with rice cooker I put around 4 cups water

2) add add ingredients in and mixed well, add in the seasoning and coloring mixed

3) cook it like cooking normal rice , sprinkle with fried shallot

4) served hot with curry or rendang or anything you desire

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