Monday, 18 May 2015

Mee / Bee Hoon Soto

Part A:

1 Fresh chicken

1 Chicken bone

3litre water

1 tbsp salt may adjust to personal preference

1 tbsp sugar may adjust to personal preference

Part B (Grind into paste)

3 - 4 cloves of garlic

1 cm ginger

2 medium onions

1/2 inch Tumeric

1/2 inch Galangal

2 stalks Lemongrass

Part C Soup Base spice:

4 pcs Star Anise

6 pcs Cardamom

4 pcs Cloves

2 stick Cinnamon

Part D

3 tsp Coriander Seed

3 tsp Fennel

2 tsp Cumin

dash of White Pepper

For Noodles:

1kg Noodles (Beehoon / Yellow noodles)

Chicken Meat

200g Bean Sprout


Fried Shallots

Hard boiled eggs (Optional)

Begedil aka potato patty (Optional)

smoked duck i added in as I cant find any Bean Sprout , no eggs and begedil :-) looks empty so added in with the chicken meat... and... its yummy!


Heat cooking oil, add in (Part B) and fry till fragrant.

Add in (Part C), continue to fry until (B) paste turn dry.

Add in (Part D), fry until fragrant.

Add in 3Litre of water, and add in fresh chcicken and chicken backbone.

Once water is boiling, add in salt and sugar. Taste it and you may adjust to your liking.

Turn fire to medium heat and let it simmer for about an hour, turn off and covered 30mins and turn on and boil another 30 mins and till the soup is fragent with the spices

turn the heat off, take out the fresh chicken, let the chicken cooled aside. And tear chicken meat into pieces. Set aside for later.

Boil the noodles and drain set in a boil add in hot boiling soup and Garnish , Ready to serve!

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