Sunday, 15 November 2015

坐月餐 Chinese Confinement Recipes - #8 - Pig Maw soup

坐月餐 Chinese Confinement Recipes - #8 - Pig Maw soup

My kids loves this soup can you imagine a toddler and a baby liking spicy soup ? lol

My girl always told me that she like the soup tickle her tummy she likes the feeling... okay she is cute... :-)


- 1 Pig maw cut into strips can purchase  cooked pig maw in supermarket

- 1 can button mushroom

- 2 pack enoki mushroom

- 1 pack peppery spice pre packed

- 10 clove garlic

- 3000ml water 


- 3 tbsp chicken stock powder

- salt to taste or light soy sauce to taste up to individual liking if you feel the stock powder had enough taste for the soup can omit this some ppl like more flavors :-)


1) Wash and clean pig maw cut into strips

2) cut the mushrooms

3) in a slow cooker add water and spice pack in and all the ingredients  

4) Slow cook for 6 hours or more till pig maw is soft

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