Monday, 26 October 2015

海低捞 Hai Di Lao Steamboat soup paste *Mala* (Review) ~ Not Paid ~

 海低捞 Hai Di Lao Steamboat soup paste *Mala* (Review) ~ Not Paid ~

I always enjoy eating mala steamboat and went to my nearby wet market I went to the frequent dried food store telling the uncle that I would like to try HDL yes you heard me HDL (Hai Di Lao) always billed $200 for 2 pax min

The next week the uncle really source the paste for me haha.... Purchases at $5 went home straight away cook soup using it

Hubby and I always in love with mala soup we will never go to a steamboat without ordering mala we will order 1 spicy 1 non spicy for the kids but if the kids are not eating we would order 1 whole pot full of spicy

Hubby in the first place does not fancy mala I am the only one eating and he will eat the non spicy , after he went Taiwan for a business trip he came back he went crazy over mala hahaha...

Back to HDL paste the paste is not overly spice and not over spicy it is just nice but i would like it to be spicy this is suitable for beginner if you like mild mala this is a good choice

This paste is available in various supermarket too price around $5+ to $6

There are a few other flavours too like tomatoes but not to my liking it sour ,would like to try the chicken broth looks not bad 

This paste is worth buying if you do not intend to spend hundreds of $ just for quality service 

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