Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Self creation Tau pok tau kwa pau 自创豆卜豆干包

Self creation Tau pok tau kwa pau 自创豆卜豆干包


10 tau pok cut half
1 tau kwa deep fried cut into cube
10 fresh prawns cut into cubes


30g tamarind paste with 100 ml water mixed and remove seeds
2 tbsp shrimp paste 
2 tbsp sambal paste 
150gm castor sugar

Egg floss: 

2 eggs beaten 
5 tbsp cooking oil


1) boil prawns till cooked , set aside 
2) heat oil add in beaten egg and use a chopstick just swirl around , fry till crisp set aside
3) mixed tamarind juice with shrimp paste and sambal and castor sugar will sugar dissolve 
4) take tau pok stuff in prawns and tau kwa and air fry or baked 5 mins 200 degree 
5) top with crisp egg floss and shrimp paste sauce 

* sauce can be use for rojak* 

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